Dont believe anything I say.

The two sides of the “Internet Warrior” and the third party lurking in between.

Edward Taaffe
3 min readMar 13, 2022


It was interesting to see a Guardian warrior spill his thoughts on the internet about unpaid individuals discussing stuff and testing ideas on the Internet.

The title: Internet Warrior warns you up front that this is not going to be a balanced critique.
Nobody is surprised to learn that a middle-aged manual worker hates immigration, they’ve always been at it, certainly since Irelands UK inspired famine in the 19th century when the starving Irish or rather British citizens arrived looking for a chance to feed themselves. It urns out however, that what really bothers him is that his immigrant wife from Thailand is not allowed to settle and marry him. I honestly don’t blame the guy. That’s a genuine and acceptable reason to be pissed-off with UK immigration services and jealous of those perceived to be getting in easily.
What should surprise nobody with experience of corporate much-less public politics is that they never say what’s really behind it. This comes as no shock to any journalist however well they feign their shock and horror. Garbage can theory.

Overweight girl lashes out at parading show-off on the TV, more shock-horror. Has this guy ever been outside of his flat in daylight hours? Does he have a sister, or a girlfriend? I doubt it. No I am absolutely certain he doesn’t.

An American guy in the land of the conspiracy story, the home of Hollywood doesn’t believe what the CIA has sanctioned for the airwaves; my god he’s a nut. The fact that he’s possibly as far off the target as the rest of us only possibly in a different direction and he doesn’t have a union card saying that he’s a Journalist is obviously the problem.

The reality is something that nobody has a real handle on. The entire media from Digital to TV and newspapers are controlled by Oligarchs who also own every single politician. It would be easy, except that all the conspiracy maps trying to create a mother of all conspiracies miss the fact that it’s not organised.

Reality looks closer to: The great conspiracy is a bunch of loners with too much central bank money and taxpayers’ money sitting in their offshore accounts dreaming up the next madcap scheme, desperate to believe that they have this wealth because they are special and aware that time is running out and nobody loves them. Meantime, they buy presidents, order wars and start lunar taxi firms. And just maybe they are hell bent on controlling us.

Reality was never real. The news never told the truth. Magazines never portrayed the way life is and how women actually look. “Movies are plum crazy”, to quote my dear old LA pal, “that’s why we watch them”.
Just one in a million of us seems capable of snapping out of this mad world occasionally and searching for reality only to go running back. Others find a bottle, a needle, a religion, crime, war, whatever.

The real problem though, is these Internet warriors spending their time saying more interesting things than an English degree can produce.



Edward Taaffe

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