How to get anyone you want elected to any position.

Edward Taaffe
4 min readDec 18, 2020


I’m not just talking about the local gardening society, this same method works for PM of UK, or President of the USA or Turkey or any where that the masses get to vote and select a candidate.

Creating an external enemy and defending against this enemy is the surest way to get elected, or especially, re-elected.

Thatcher waged war on the “what was it called?”, oh yes the Falklands. Nobody knew where it was, let alone what it was, or indeed, why on earth anyone in UK should care, but suddenly Margaret Thatcher was leading the UK in defence of the realm against Argentina over “something to do with the Falklands”.
From that moment on she was attributed with having a penis bigger than the legendary Errol Flynn and she could do no wrong it seemed. She went on to rob the people blind and suck the country into an experimental Neoliberal form of Economics from Chicago that has created a divided world everywhere, not just UK with nearly all the wealth and income in the hands of a tiny few. Despite all that Thatcher still is spoken of as a great leader in UK.

A short story of accidental anti-Semitism.

Norman Finklestein and George Birnbaum are both Jews.

They have been close allies for some time working in the space of Political Consulting.
A well-documented project was that of getting the famous far right Turkish leader, Victor Orban elected.
In order to achieve this goal, they decided to create an enemy and the man they chose was Turkish Jew and multi-billionaire George Soros.
Now its always easy to make an enemy of someone so wealthy and indeed Soros had once made a huge killing 1.5 Billion in a single month at the expense of the UK pound, but they also, undoubtedly made full use of his being a Jew in the quarters where that was likely to create anti-Soros rhetoric.

They were wildly successful with their campaign, so much so, that anti-Soros rants can be found regularly all over Social media from people who see Soros as the antichrist and on a mission to “destroy America” , “make granny ill”, or just about anything.

It has been well documented that this campaign even reached to creating anti-Semitism complaints in the UK Labour party as in the process of helping Netanyahu, they set him up as the hero in a fight against antisemitism.

This pair didn’t invent the idea of creating an enemy, but they did demonstrate how to do it and just how effective it can be. Their methods were quickly adapted by Steve Bannon, Trump’s mastermind who referred to Victor Orban as “Trump before Trump” and Johnson as “UK Trump”.

A key Trump TV ad just before the election in 2016, featured Soros as “global special interests” who don’t have “your good in mind.”

The cornerstone of their approach however has been the opposite of leadership, because as Finkelstein has been heard to say: it is too hard to motivate people and much easier to demoralise them.

They focused their campaign on demoralising the opposition and convincing them indirectly to just not bother voting. This was the approach that beat Hilary Clinton apart of course from Trump having a very much larger ad budget and the polls making her team complacent.

So there it is:

1. You find an enemy that you are, or can be made to appear as best placed to defend them against. Better still if that enemy is in some ways associated with your opposition. Then you focus their hatred on that enemy, who after all; is a non-combatant, so most likely won’t defend, or be defended.

2. You demoralise the opposition supporters so that they simply decide they just can’t be bothered voting because there’s no point. This latter relies especially strongly on the Facebook algorithm and those of other platforms, designed tp create large groups of weird buddies.

a. Its especially useful if you have a large database that lets you reach voters in swing constituencies where their abstinence will be especially effective towards your aims. Such databases are for sale in most countries even if illegal in some and platforms like Google and Facebook will then place adverts in front of the database members innocently as they browse the internet so that they never even associate the content with any possible database or even suspect that they might have been targeted.

3. You’ll need wealthy backers to fund your ad campaign and you’ll have to make big promises of favours in order to win their support. You’ll probably only get that support if they already have the dirt on you, so forget that thought. Thats a whole other blog involving private islands, free-flowing drugs, under age girls and all the usual suspects.



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