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ATB1776, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

AI is spread around like so much fertiliser across every media channel and yet nobody even asks what it is.
I’m not going to tell you either and if you’re wondering why, well here goes.

Whatever it meant when IBM began on Watson…

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Neoliberal are awash with money they never imagined possible. After the banks collapsed in 2007 the wrong doers were rewarded with unimaginable volumes of free cash to invest.
As industry collapsed and the world was transferred to zero hours and…

I built a platform quite a time before Facebook appeared and was before that, an avid Usenet user from its outset, as a result, I feel somehow implicated.
I plan to publish a series of pieces over the next week or two in the hope of generating more interest in critical…

Play your part in this huge and important decision that will have impacts for decades.

We have all been dragged into the conversations and all probably hoped someone else will fix it soon. Our Social Media had become as important as our phone and right at the top of our living needs. In Maslov terms its down there on level two. Of course we dont…

From the Tulip bubble of Holland to the Bitcoin bubble of today, value has always been a subjective and dangerously alluring bedfellow, but what is it?

Every Marketer, MBA, everyone who ever read a business magazine or investing article, or studied economics even at the most basic level will have…

Lord Sumption, former Supreme Court judge, in his campaign to defend civil liberties under lockdown says — “When tyrannies take over it is because people volunteer their liberty voluntarily.”

· Do you really believe that the Health Protection restrictions described below will be revoked?

· Have you not heard them…

This tiny little book is one of the few things in life that will never be out of date and always a valuable reminder. These words were spoken by no less a man than Wilhelm Reich

If you are not familiar with Reich, he was born 1897 in what is…

he damage done by Neoliberalism to all but the richest of the top 1% is so crushing that it has brought a mild mannered people to the edge of uprising.

The income divide between rich and poor

A World of lies far bolder, more shocking and more dangerous than the childish antics of a PM subject to Supreme Court scrutiny.

This article, hybrid thing of the internet era, lays out for you in the simplest of terms with the minimum of technical reference or jargon how and…

How tech lost its way, or was pushed.

Ryan Lash / TED

5G, AI, driverless electric cars, these are put forward as the big technology goals for the world. Aren’t you just bursting with excitement?

There are a few obvious question’s I know to be critical and I can…


Ed has enjoyed a dual career moving backwards and forwards between leadership roles in software engineering and transforming marketing functions.

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