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AI is spread around like fertiliser across every media channel and yet nobody even ask what it is. I’m not going to tell you either and if you’re wondering why, well here goes. Whatever it meant when IBM began on Watson, or other laudable projects by other firms is irrelevant to the discussion. When you see the word AI it is simply meant to conjure up something incredibly smart and beyond your comprehension performed by these majestic things called computers. And that’s not an accident either. Just about every sort of system on…

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Neoliberal are awash with money they never imagined possible. After the banks collapsed in 2007 the wrong doers were rewarded with unimaginable volumes of free cash to invest. As industry collapsed and the world was transferred to zero hours and imaginary pensions, the stock markets soared and then really took off. The Fed, ECB and UK pumped huge volumes of cash into markets making it possible for Banks, Hedge funds and assorted businesses to acquire enormous portfolios of assets using interest-free loans. Not only that, they made it clear they…

he damage done by Neoliberalism to all but the richest of the top 1% is so crushing that it has brought a mild mannered people to the edge of uprising.

The income divide between rich and poor

A World of lies far bolder, more shocking and more dangerous than the childish antics of a PM subject to Supreme Court scrutiny.

This article, hybrid thing of the internet era, lays out for you in the simplest of terms with the minimum of technical reference or jargon how and why the UK has become the playground of a gallery of thieves and wrongdoers. I hope by the time you have read to the bottom you will be suitably shocked and sufficiently motivated to follow some of the references I provided, to question everything you are presented with regardless by…

How tech lost its way, or was pushed.

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5G, AI, driverless electric cars, these are put forward as the big technology goals for the world. Aren’t you just bursting with excitement? There are a few obvious question’s I know to be critical and I can clearly see they have not been answered or possibly even been asked. Experience tells us this is a route to fast clean failure for products that simply don’t cut it or slow very expensive death for systems. My question is this: The people presenting us these wonders of the new century…

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As Professor Sam Savage said in a lecture on risk management; “We must connect the seat of our learning with the seat of our pants”.

Trying to manage a killer pandemic by staring at a graph, or “following the science” as inferred by the latter, simply can’t and won’t work as indeed we have seen.

“Plato and Aristotle” by Image Editor is licensed under CC BY 2.0"Plato and Aristotle” by Image Editor is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Imagine spending your life chained to a cave wall with your face to the wall.

First to set the scene and make this easy to follow I’ll make just two short points:

AI without a lot of data is really not AI, Its just a rulebook. Self-driving cars is an example. No different to any app you use, but a bit more complicated. …

I’m not just talking about the local gardening society, this same method works for PM of UK, or President of the USA or Turkey or any where that the masses get to vote and select a candidate.

Creating an external enemy and defending against this enemy is the surest way to get elected, or especially, re-elected.

Thatcher waged war on the “what was it called?”, oh yes the Falklands. Nobody knew where it was, let alone what it was, or indeed, why on earth anyone in UK should care, but suddenly Margaret Thatcher was leading the UK in defence of…

Humans weren’t always literary beings and we weren’t created by a white god with an iphone glued to our thumbs. Shock horror! Our Amygdala was once our only brain and still does the bulk of the leg work. It starts by recognising two eyes and associating them with mother and safety. It recognises those that look, sound and smell like us, probably in that order, as safe and all others as dangerous. All that is logical, especially a few million years ago when there was no Facebook to guide you. The same brain receives urges to defecate when things get…

Every major change in the way humans organise themselves has come about as a result of enormous upheaval, not the other way around. For an interesting viewpoint on this same phenomenon, look up Garbage Can Politics or read my more light-hearted commentary here. A few, have had modest successes in large organisations by driving change from the top down and then bottom up, but whatever the model, the results run parallel to pure chance, even when you have enormous power over people. I have some of the tee-shirts and plenty of the scars. Why people are so hard to change…


Ed has enjoyed a dual career moving backwards and forwards between leadership roles in software engineering and transforming marketing functions.

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